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Vape pens are similar to E-cigarettes. If you have used E-cigarettes or vape pens before you would know that they have a battery combined with cartridges. If you are new to vape pens, we have got you covered.

Here is a complete guide for using a vape pen for beginners.

How Do Vape Pens Work?

Vape pens work by heating the vaping material. Your vaping material, such as cannabis, oil, wax or e-liquid is heated to its vaporizing point. Vaporizing point of any liquid is below their combustion point. This produces a clean vapor which you inhale. Your vape material does not get burned. Vaping minimizes the inhalation of toxins and carcinogens which happens when you smoke.

Now you need to understand the parts of a vape pen. All vape pens have these basic parts:

Atomizer/ Heating Chamber: The heating chamber is where your dry herbs, oil or wax is heated. When your vape material is heated, a vapor is formed.

Mouthpiece: It is the part that you use to draw out the vapor. It is attached to the heating chamber.

Charger: It is a micro USB port that charges your vape battery. It can be connected to or separated from the rest of the vape pen.

Battery: It is the longest part of the pen that powers the device.

The working mechanism of a vape pen is quite simple. You power your heating chamber, which then heats your vape material until a vapor is produced. You then hold and press your pen to inhale the vapor with the mouthpiece.

Accessorize Your Vape Pens

It is necessary to accessorize your vape pen when you are using one. Vape pens that use pre-filled cartridge are very fragile. You must have a small airtight container to store them. If you use wax, you need a dabber.

A dabber is a tiny spatula-like metal tool. It is used to scoop out the wax on your heating chamber. You might need silicon wax mats too. With silicon mats, you won’t end up with tiny balls of cannabis all over the place.

What Type Of Vape Pens And Cartridges Do You Need?

There are different types of vape pens to choose from. Some are disposable while others use refilled cartridges. Disposable cartridges are pre-filled and contain oil. Other cartridges for concentrated cannabis come in the form of wax and are also known as budder or sugar.

Vape pens with re-filled cartridges are easy to use and are cheap. They can load on the go.  Make sure the vape pen you get is right for the concentration you want.

Load Your Vape Chamber Properly

You must not load the wax with your fingers. Use a dabber to scoop out some wax from the container and then put it in the heating chamber. If you don’t want to load and reload your vape pen again and again, then use a pre-filled oil cartridge. Vape pens with oil cartridges are easy to replace.

Keep Your Pen Charged and Properly Stored

Use an airtight container to store your vape pen. Keep your vape pen clean and odor free. You should have a spare battery for your vape pen so that you don’t run out of power.