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Vaping is all cool until your pen explodes. Yes, you read that right, vape pens can explode. They have exploded and caused serious burns and injuries to users. Vape pens can even explode in their cases. You must ensure your battery doesn’t heat up and you handle your device properly. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly. Low-quality vaping pens are at more risk to explode. Here are a few tips you need to follow for keeping your vape pens from exploding:

Charge Your Vape Pens Properly

Many vape pens come with a USB charging port which you can connect to different charging plugs. Do not charge your vape pens with any other charging plug. The charging plug of the vape pen is specially designed according to the charging needs and voltage rating of your vape pen. A lower quality charger plug would not match the required voltage for a vape pen and could damage your device.

Vape pens have lithium ions battery. They are much stronger than the normal batteries you find in any wireless device. These high strength batteries have a strong charge. If you overcharge them, they could heat up and cause damage to your device or an explosion. Don’t leave your vape pens charging for long. This includes when you are either sleeping or gone away for work.  Always follow the directions for charging your vape pens as per the manufacturer.

Take Care Of The Batteries

When the battery of your vape pen is not in use or if you carry spare batteries, you should store them properly. Your battery must be in its case, especially when you carry it in your pocket. They should not be in contact with other items, especially metals like keys and coins. When the battery is in contact with metal, the chances of an explosion increase.

Make sure you don’t expose your batteries and vape pens to extreme heat, cold or sunlight.

Keep your batteries clean. Wipe them with a tissue or cloth if they get dusty and/or dirty.  Clean them with a cotton bud now and then. Use spirit or alcohol to clean once in a while.

Keep your batteries away from water and moisture. Make sure your e-liquid doesn’t seep into your batteries. Wipe the mouthpiece of your vape pen after use so that it doesn’t have any moisture.

Do Not Buy Cheap Batteries And Vape Pens

By now you know that Vape pens require high strength lithium-ion batteries. Low-quality cheap batteries can damage your vape pen or cause an explosion. To prevent an explosion, you need a good quality Vape pen. A cheap vape pen could be badly made and unsafe for use. A high-quality vape pen ensures that the voltage levels are safe when your vape pen is charging. They have safety features, like vent holes and firing button locks, which keep the device from heating up.

Final Thoughts

With these tips, you can avoid your vaping pens to explode. Follow the directions carefully when using your vape pen or charging it. Make sure you store your battery carefully and charge appropriately. Use high quality battery and vape pen to avoid any damage and to have a good vaping experience.